Red Herrings

March 15, 2007

A young man recently posted a reply to my blog. To quote his mostly unintelligible comment:

I am dave dunn,why do u wanna know who i am? I dont get it. I am a celeb but yourreally hyping me up.

Disturbing, but not entirely unexpected.

There are men who sit in smoke filled rooms deciding the fate of the masses on a daily basis. The power these men yield relies on no small amount of discretion, and a blog like this is an enemy to that ideal. The meager offering here provides no immediate threat to their operations I am sure. Otherwise I might be expecting letter bombs rather than halfhearted attempts at misdirection.

Out of morbid curiosity I took a gander at the provided website. I’ve linked it here mostly to demonstrate a point. Please don’t misinterpret its presence as evidence of any kind in our ongoing investigation.

Is his name Dave Dunn? Probably. But is he Dave Dunn? Obviously not.

This is just another attempt to give some weaker individuals a false answer to that undying question. It should be noted, I do not presume that he is the mastermind of this plot to mislead us. Take a look at that vacant stare, eyes devoid of understanding, a single middle finger raised in iconic representation of his I.Q. score. It’s more likely that he is even unaware of his status as a single cog on the smallest gear within a labyrinthine machine.

Not much can be said for the puppetmaster pulling his strings.

Does this individual believe us so easily swayed, so naive, so inept in our calling that we should be fooled by this smokescreen? That we would believe for a moment Dave Dunn is nothing more than a self declared hip hop “celeb” with (at best) a tenuous grasp on the english language?

A message for our impotent foe:

Sir, your feeble attack does nothing save offend our collective intelligence. I suggest you turn back now. You’re playing with the big boys now.


As promised I’ve cross referenced those aforementioned articles from my earlier post. Forgive me for not relating them to you here but I believe it is the best interests of both e-space conservation and the clandestine nature of this blog that I not be entirely forthright with all information.

Anyway, it wouldn’t kill you to click on over there if you’re interested.

The cross reference search lead to nothing of value, so feel free to let out your collective breaths. I do wonder how many of you are sighing in relief and how many are sighing in frustration. Do not think me naïve. I know many of you are here not out of a burning curiosity, but to stamp out the fires that have been started.

Moving on to more constructive developments, a search for the term “SDCDDD” will yield interesting results. What does the bard have to do with PETA, an alaskan oil spill and, ultimately, Dave Dunn? It’s interesting to note that the master playwright is an enigmatic character whose life is also a constant source of debate. Like Mr. Dunn, few doubt the existence of Shakespeare. His role in life however, indeed, his actual accomplishments are the subject of much argument.

Is this of any relevance? Perhaps.

One can find a host of Dave Dunns both domestic and foreign. For the weak willed this might be enough. Turning aside from their search after this one farce of a victory they could live out their lives, ignoring that omnipresent question gnawing at their mind like some ghastly rodent. Who is Dave Dunn? These men tell themselves they know the answer, and this lie comforts them.

You and I are made of stronger stuff. We bear those others no ill will but neither will we back away from the trail as it winds into the distance and is lost on a bleak horizon. You and I, we are the chosen, and it’s the chosen who would notice one faceless Dave Dunn out of the herd. Where the search has lead to Shakespeare, Shakespeare has lead to this seemingly innocent profile. Press on, past your cursory examination, and parallels emerge from the mists of deception. A young artist, the authorship of his works in question, indeed, his very existence in question resides here, hiding in plain sight as it were.

To quote: In a remarkably short time, Dave Dunn’s soulful, body moving live performances have made him one of Virginia’s stand out songwriters. Will this man be remembered as the greatest of all American songwriters? Will his works be published in all languages and remade throughout the ages, and, in later centuries, will the authorship of these works be debated? This man may not be Dave Dunn. He may not exist at all, but there are answers to be found here.

Alas, that is a task for another day. Tonight I have gazed too long in to the cyclical tides of time and found in this maelstrom, only madness.


February 20, 2007

In our continuing investigation in to the enigma that is Dave Dunn I hope you come to rely on these postings as a source for the latest developments. The following is a transcript forwarded to me by a source who is intimate with the inner workings of circles that may or may not be frequented by one Dave Dunn. With any luck you may glean some valuable information from it’s texts.

Jet, I have something that might be useful to you. Of course, I don’t need to tell you how vital it is that I remain an anonymous source throughout this investigation. The transcript is of a conversation that had taken place on September, 14th 2001 in sub level D of the parking garage on 101st and Davidson. The exact time is unknown but my audio engineer approximates 9:00 a.m. based on the unusually high level of ambient katydid mating calls. It’s not much, but if anyone can take this information and run with it, it’s you. Watch the poppyseeds Jet, godspeed.

[deleted by administrator]

[begin transcript]

TS: alright, good. That’s good. Moving on to the situation in alaska, you know, the PETA thing. We’re back to the, in the, the problem is growing again because the NSA is not under control. Honestly, I don’t know if [deleted] has what it takes to pull this off.

JL: The investigation is leading to-

TS: To the website, exactly, not to the website. It’s leading them to that forum.

JL: the archives?

TS: Exactly. The archives, well. [deleted] was supposed to have talked to them. He had informed us that [deleted] would cooperate. They’re not. The archives are still, uh, still standing. They aren’t wiped.

JL: Right

TS: [deleted] so, he, ah. He is still. We’re still waiting for communication.

JL: but about [deleted]. He doesn’t want to?

TS: [deleted] does want to. He doesn’t know how to and he doesn’t have, he doesn’t have any motive for doing it. Since he doesn’t, well, if that changes, he’ll call [deleted] in, and the two of them… and [deleted] wants to cooperate because…

JL: yeah

TS: he’s ambitious

JL: yeah

TS: Ah, he’ll call him in and say, we’ve got the signal from across the river to, to put the hold on this. And that will fit rather well because the NSA who are working on the case, at this point, feel that’s what it is. This is [deleted] we’re talking about.

JL: They traced the money to ‘em

TS: Yes, they’ve traced to a name, but they haven’t gotten to the guy yet.

JL: Somebody in the SDCDDD?

TS: It’s EP

JL: You’re talking about the EP?

TS: He’s responsible for the mess at SDCDDD prime, or, at least he’s part of the reason. He fled the scene.

JL: So then

TS: Yeah

JL: The photographs of those letterheads are all from the same source.

TS: exactly

JL: Still [unintelligible] in the end

TS: We need to concentrate on the thing. The Post is saying it’s in the lead editorial today.

JL: That would be a good thing

TS: Ah, the whitewash for a change

JL: and [unintelligible] they’ll say that this is alright

TS: Cause then they are saying…on the other
hand… that maybe we’re not so smart. We
have to admire the progress he’s made on the
basis of the position he’s taken and maybe
he’s right and we’re wrong.

JL: To be very [unintelligible] [laughs]
[end transcript]

I haven’t had time to look too deeply into this. I think it can be assumed that the referred to incident in alaska is none other than the infamous oil spill off the coast. This would also explain the involvement of PETA with the still mysterious acronym SDCDDD. I plan to cross reference this terms in a more extensive search in the coming weeks. Stay tuned. More is to follow.

Who is Dave Dunn?

February 20, 2007

People are always asking me, do I know Dave Dunn.

The unequivocal answer to this question is no; I do not know Dave Dunn. Who is this man? Obviously you have some inkling, or, at the very least, some base knowledge to whet the appetite for more. The fact that you are here proves this much. Equally obvious is that you must feel cheated in that your search has lead you to this site only to discover I do not possess the answers you seek.

Still, it would be rash to disregard this place as another dead end. I do not know Dave Dunn. I can not tell you who he is. What I can do, what I will do, is tell you who Dunn is not.

Dave is not your friendly neighborhood spiderman. It’s up in the air whether he is friendly in the slightest, and it is extremely unlikely that his genetic makeup has been altered to mimic some physical abilities of the arachnid. No, Dave Dunn is not a spider, but he is most certainly a man.

He is not one to be trifled with as evidenced by the fates of those who have tracked him in the past. Will you and I share this fate? Is this pursuit nothing more than a pipe dream whose imminent conclusion lies in the burn ward of St. Mary’s hospital, or is there more to Dave Dunn than meets the eye?

He is not a prominent figure in society. Dunn is not the sort to be featured in the front page of your local newspaper (or is he?). He is not forthright in any way, and he is certainly not named Bob, Steve, or Jones.

So, who is Dave Dunn?

I don’t know, but I intend to find out.